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Have you seen the movie Barbie?

From “entertaining and educational satire”, to “feminist parable”, reviews we read about this summer’s highly anticipated movie, and from an old fashioned brand, Barbie, to a modern icon (statistics and numbers are relentless, after all)!


The spotlight, of course, is the beautiful protagonist Margot Robbie, who enchanted the planet as Barbie and continues to almost monopolize the interest of social media and lifestyle magazines.

And not without reason, I would add! Every photo of her, every video released, leaves us speechless!


We would all like to know the “health & wellness routine” of Margot Robbie and the other Barbies! What kind of diet, exercise, skin care products / cosmetics did they use? How did they prepare their skin to look like a… doll?


Of course, filters and makeup play an important role, but don’t think that in such a Hollywood blockbuster, where every detail is thought out, actors leave their skin, health and body to chance and wait for filters to look radiant..!


The live Barbie dolls in the film followed the “gut health protocol” and consumed specific foods and beverages.

Jasmina Vico, the London-based skin professional, took charge of the Barbie cast. Working closely with the film’s make-up artist, Ivana Primorac, Vico was instrumental in achieving the goal for the actors’ appearance, namely perfection!


The Barbies had 1-2 times a week special skin treatments, such as lymphatic massage, cold laser and LED treatments, which also helped to absorb further skin care at home, with serums and various other care serums.


Between sessions, Margot Robbie consumed probiotics, anti-inflammatory supplements, vitamin C, organic milk thistle tea, kefir, berries… All of this, Vico explains, has to do with “faster healing and reducing stress on the body.” In addition, they “contribute to the cleansing of the liver and intestine, a process that helps to brighten the skin.”


It is this ‘inside-out’ approach to skin care combined with lifestyle that stands out in Jasmina Vico’s treatments, as she argues that it is not just skin care alone that makes sense, but in combination with diet and general lifestyle.


Indeed, in addition to the above, Barbie’s personalized “skin health protocol”, as it was aptly named, also included stress relief! How;

With meditation, breathing exercises, psychotherapy and sufficient quality sleep!

The result??? In the movie theaters, our friends!


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