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All over the world spring is considered the season for new beginnings, change of habits, general cleaning! All of us are planning the renewal of our homes these days, putting away our carpets, washing curtains and cleaning out wardrobes and drawers.

So, with this in mind, we have a good opportunity to take it a little further… Tidying up and renewing our skin care products and routine!


1st and most important step is sorting!

If you ask me, for me, it’s the most difficult stage… If you’re one of those people who hoard products and don’t throw anything away if they don’t use every last drop, then I have news for you:

Sorting is a must after checking the expiration dates on our cosmetics and makeup products! Cosmetics can cause irritation and infections if used after their expiration date.

Look for a symbol on each package that looks like a round container with an open lid, known as PAO (Period After Opening). This advises us of the number of months a product is kept stable and safe after first opening and varies from 6M to 36M.

Even if you do not notice changes in the texture, color or smell of a cosmetic, after its recommended shelf life, its use can become dangerous for bacterial growth, while makeup products lose their quality and become more difficult to apply.


2nd step is tidying up and safe storage…

As we tidy up and “dust” our products, we’re sure to notice worn packaging, lost lids, broken containers. The image of our vanity can be extremely disappointing!

I have news for you again…! If your cosmetic packaging is no longer airtight, your products are likely to spoil, attract bacteria or fungus, all of which you definitely don’t want to apply on your skin!

Also, increased exposure to light, air and dust can degrade some active ingredients in creams and other products so to ensure we keep them in the best possible condition we need to make sure they are stored properly.

In the market you will find empty packaging of beauty products, jars, tubes, containers, such as those for travel use. Be careful not to use your hands when changing the packaging, but special spatulas and tools for this purpose.


3rd step is disinfection

After checking expiration dates, clearing out our products and changing packaging, it was time for the big sanitizing moment!

Spatulas, tweezers, makeup brushes, sponges need regular washing with hot water and frequent replacement. However, our product packaging, containers, lids and of course our toiletries also need cleaning and disinfection!

With these simple tips we wish you a happy Easter!


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