The benefits of Body Scrub all year round…

But what is this body scrub and why should it be done often? Body exfoliation is a process that does not have the same importance for everyone. Many “don’t do it often”, others do it a few times a year just before summer and others don’t even know about it! We, along with many others, love it and consider it an important part of body care that, in addition to cleanliness, ALSO offers health!

What is a body scrub?
These are products (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or homemade that we make ourselves) that aim to remove every dead cell, sebum, or accumulated impurity from the pores of the body. With their ingredients, they activate the metabolism of collagen and elastin, maintaining the elasticity of the skin. This treatment leaves the skin soft, clean and full of glow and health! Most have a sensual scent creating a feeling of well-being.

How often should body scrub be done?
The answer has to do with the skin type of course, but an average use, from 1 to 2 times a week is ideal.

Can I do a body scrub in the summer?
Under no circumstances should exfoliation be done on reddened or sunburned skin. The same applies to irritated areas or open wounds and gashes. In any case consult your doctor.

Can anyone do a body scrub?
Because not all skin types are the same, it requires a lot of attention both in the frequency and in the choice of products. Especially cases that have skin problems (acne, pores, dermatitis, pimples with pus, cysts, etc.) must definitely consult a dermatologist to guide them properly and avoid any infection or unwanted side effect that scrubs can cause. If the skin is not healthy and there is even the slightest suspicion of an allergy or condition, consult your doctor before choosing any products.

How is the body scrub applied?
Body scrubs are applied to wet skin. Take a shower with lukewarm water and then with a small amount of product, gently massage in circular motions (without applying force because it will cause irritation) for 1 minute all over the body and especially in areas that need exfoliation the most (such as the heels, elbows, knees, etc.). Then with lukewarm water (not warm, not hot) it is carefully removed so that it all goes away and the area remains clean. After rinsing thoroughly, dab by wiping the area with a soft towel. After exfoliation the skin is ready to receive and “exploit” to the maximum extent the nutrients of a good body moisturizer and bring the ideal moisture to your skin giving it not only health but also a more youthful appearance.

Can I do a body scrub without money?
You can also create a natural exfoliating product at home using granulated white or brown sugar and olive oil, honey or even essential oils if you have them. Do the relevant search on the internet and find the recipe that suits you best!

Does body scrub help eliminate cellulite?
The answer is definitely YES if its ingredients have such properties as the oils of grapefruit, ginger and others known for their fat-dissolving effect. However, body exfoliation is the best way to prepare the skin to receive anti-cellulite creams, helping to create the perfect foundation for the body to receive and take advantage of their ingredients.

Treat yourself to moments of relaxation and enjoyment by treating your skin with a body scrub and be sure to be rewarded with radiance, firmness and a youthful appearance in a skin that is bright and rested!

PHOTO BY: Monfocus from Pixabay

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